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Developing an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) to Support Inclusion


This 2-session workshop provides preschool educators with the knowledge and skills that you will need to develop an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for a child with high learning support needs within your preschool.


In this course you will learn about what an ILP is and be guided through the process of creating an ILP for a child at your preschool.

Session 1 explains what an ILP is, why it is important, and how you can collect information to help you develop an ILP for a specific child at your preschool. You will be guided through an assessment and analysis that you will complete between the two sessions. You will be provided with individual feedback regarding this assessment and analysis before the second session.

Session 2 provides evidence-based teaching strategies, interventions and supports that can be embedded into preschool activities to achieve long term goals and short term objectives. In this interactive session you will be supported to use your knowledge of these teaching strategies, interventions and supports along with information from the assessment you completed after session 1 to develop an ILP for your target child.


Two sessions of 3 hours each


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