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Gifted Young Children- Understanding and responding to their social and emotional issues

A child who is advanced intellectually won’t necessarily show competence in emotional regulation or getting along with other children. This course provides evidence-based knowledge about how the intellectual, social and emotional characteristics of gifted children differ from those of their typically developing peers and practical strategies for experiences and interactions you can implement to engage and support gifted children in your program.


This 3 hour course provides early childhood educators with research-based information and recommended practice to enable you to understand and respond to the social and emotional issues that can arise from intellectual giftedness. You will reflect on how aspects of your program could be contributing to these issues and learn strategies for planning, teaching and interacting in ways that support gifted children’s engagement, key skill development and wellbeing.

Real scenarios will be presented and resources shared. You will have opportunities to discuss your own experiences, consider parents’ perspectives and create a plan to support a gifted child in a social context.


One session of 3 hours


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