Unit 8, 22 Hudson Avenue, Castle Hill NSW 2154

Saeed’s Story

Saeed is four years old. His family are refuges from Sudan. He loves playing with his friends at Kids Early Learning – Rooty Hill. He’s cheeky, curious, fun loving and can be a bit stubborn sometimes. He has Down Syndrome but that doesn’t define who he is. Saeed enjoys the daily activities of child care, and loves to be social with his educators and friends. His medical condition is complicated, so he is often sick.

Saeed’s three sisters love their new bikes that the MonSTaR Foundation gave them. They ride them all the time! Since Saeed can go to child care three days a week, his mother is able to attend English lessons in the hope of getting a job. STaR is making a huge difference to Saeed and his family.

At STaR, Saeed is learning to:

  • Join his friends for shared book reading. He imitates ‘reading’ while looking at pictures using sounds with intonation.
  • Communicate using single words, word approximations and gestures.
    use his open cup to drink water and juice, to keep him hydrated throughout the day.
  • Draw, play and sing songs at group time.
  • Go to the toilet by himself. His mum is very happy about that.
STaR Association Families, Saeed
Saeed at his local childcare centre
STaR Association Families, Saeed
Saeed's Mum and STaR's Megan