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Transition to school for children with additional needs in early childhood settings


This 2-session course provides early childhood educators with the research-based knowledge and skills needed to provide a successful transition to school for children with disabilities. You will learn about the range of school options for children with disabilities and practical strategies for supporting the children, their families and the receiving schools to be as well prepared as possible for this important milestone.


This face-to-face course explores the pivotal role of the early childhood educator in the transition to school process for children with disabilities. A two-week break between sessions allows you to implement an assessment of key school-related skills with a child in your setting so you will be ready to write, with guidance, an Individual School Preparation Plan during the second session. Sessions are interactive and allow time for discussion.

Session 1 explores current policies and procedures for the range of school options for children with disabilities. You will learn about working collaboratively with families and other professionals, assessing a child’s current skills and the practices that support the child’s preparation for school.

Session 2 provides evidence-based knowledge and skills to promote the development of school-related skills. You will be guided to write a practical Individual School Preparation Plan for the child you assessed, incorporating strategies for implementing the plan naturally within your early childhood program. Your plan will identify resources, communication strategies and involvement of the child’s peers and family. You will also learn how to monitor, review and update your plan.


Two sessions of 3 hours each


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