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Unit 8, 22 Hudson Avenue, Castle Hill NSW 2154

Emily and Ruby’s Story

Emily and her twin sister Ruby began attending a STaR affiliated centre in February 2015 and could often be found with their peers at the puzzle table or in the sandpit. Although they share velocardiofacial syndrome and autism spectrum disorder, which have affected their physical development and social communication, the girls had different interests. Emily loved painting and Paw Patrol videos, while Ruby loved music, especially The Wiggles.

Both girls formed strong relationships with the childcare educators, who saw great improvements in their communication skills. Each improved greatly in her ability to let others know what she wanted using gestures, signs and picture exchange (PECS). Emily also learned some words.

In the early days at childcare, while some of her peers had a bottle of milk after lunch, Ruby had hers through a feeding tube. To the educators and other children this was just like any other child having their milk. This acceptance represents inclusion in action. Within 8 months of receiving her individualised STaR program, Ruby no longer needed to use a feeding tube at lunch time, thanks to her hard work at chewing and swallowing. The childcare educators and the girls’ parents were very excited.

Ruby and Emily are now in school. Despite the severe impact velocardiofacial syndrome has had on the girls’ physical health, Ruby and Emily attend school every week, just like their peers.

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From Mum

STaR has helped us in so many ways with schooling, inclusion and sometimes just life. They made dealing with some really hard aspects of a special needs child’s life just that little bit easier.