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With the right support,
all people can learn together
STaR Association Vision


With the right support, all people can learn together.

STaR Association Mission


To achieve access, opportunity and acceptance for all people with a disability.

STaR Association Values


Respect | Integrity
Social Justice | Empathy

All children have a right to a full life and an education that meets their needs, no matter what disabilities or learning challenges they face.
Research shows that inclusion can have positive outcomes for all children, with or without disabilities, when adequate supports are in place.
STaR works with parents, their support networks and educators to provide childcare and preschool experiences that are welcoming and educational.

Meet our STaR Families

Timmy’s Story
Timmy’s Story

Timmy joined STaR and Top Ryde Early Learning in January this year. Since then, he has come a long way. In June, he celebrated his 4th birthday with his peers and educators.

Minaa’s Story
Minaa’s Story

When Minaa came to STaR at 4 years old, she was a delightful, social little girl who seemed physically frail and passive.

Maddie’s Story
Maddie’s Story

Because their daughter has a complicated medical condition, it has been hard for parents Sally and Gerard to enrol Maddison in a childcare program and trust that the educators could care for her.

Julie’s Story
Julie’s Story

People unfamiliar with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) might expect a child who is always unhappy or withdrawn. Seeing Julie at childcare could change their minds.

Nathaniel’s Story
Nathaniel’s Story

Nathaniel is a very sociable little boy, just 5 years old, who gets invited to the birthday parties of other children whom attended his childcare centre at Glenwood.

Saeed’s Story
Saeed’s Story

Saeed is four years old. His family are refuges from Sudan. He loves playing with his friends at Kids Early Learning – Rooty Hill. He has Down Syndrome but that doesn’t define who he is.

Emily and Ruby’s Story
Emily and Ruby’s Story

Emily and her twin sister Ruby began attending a STaR affiliated centre in February 2015 and could often be found with their peers at the puzzle table or in the sandpit.

Will’s Story
Will’s Story

Will spent the first months of his life in an overseas orphanage, neglected and undernourished. Arriving at his new home in Australia at 16 months old, Will couldn’t crawl, play or grasp his mother’s finger.

Lili’s Story
Lili’s Story

Lili was born a healthy baby but contracted severe meningitis at 8 weeks old. This caused significant brain damage resulting in a developmental delay.

Our Results

STaR Association, Mainstream childcare for children with disabilities
In 2017, 88% of STaR parents were satisfied with the quality of the services they and their child had received from STaR.

My daughter’s development has improved a lot. And the most important thing, she is so happy and confident to be with other kids with the help of STaR.
STaR Parent

STaR Association, Mainstream childcare for children with disabilities
STaR parents valued being able to spend more time in the workforce while their children received the right support in childcare.

It’s fantastic that STaR staff always make themselves available to not just the child but also the family. This way, the whole family benefit from the program.”
STaR Parent

STaR Association, Mainstream childcare for children with disabilities
Since 2002 STaR has supported 404 children to be included in 27 childcare centres.
STaR Association, Mainstream childcare for children with disabilities
Staff in childcare centres supported by STaR: 100% felt that STaR’s support had been very valuable for their work with children with disabilities

We would not be able to continue to provide such a high-quality inclusive environment without the support of STaR.
Director of STaR-affiliated childcare centre

Three Pillars of STaR

STaR Association, Supportng children and families


Finding out your child has a disability or additional needs can be daunting. STaR offers practical help through:

  • A possible place in a STaR-affiliated childcare centre
  • Family support to STaR families
  • Gifted Services regarding children whose development is advanced.
day care centre

Educating Educators

Build on your own skills as an educator with our NESA registered professional development courses. Learn how to:

  • Help children with disabilities to belong
  • Create a positive behaviour plan
  • Develop social skills for children with additional needs
  • Respond to gifted children’s social, emotional and intellectual needs
  • Plan the transition to school for a child with additional needs.
STaR Association Research


STaR is committed to evidence-based strategies for the education and wellbeing of children with additional needs. Our own recent studies include:

  • The effects of training on educators’ confidence and attitudes about including children with additional needs
  • The effect of picture books and iPad apps on children’s engagement
  • The effect of coaching children to help STaR children to take turns.

What people are saying

Director of STaR-affiliated early childhood service

“When we first started working with STaR, my staff couldn’t understand the value in helping people and thought that these families would be better off somewhere else.

It has taken a long time for me to show them what is possible. The only way I could do this is with the help of STaR. They have taught me how to empower my staff. To give them skills and confidence through training and seeing results with every child. Now we apply these skills in all our teaching strategies to identify and scaffold learning with all our children. They all need our guidance in some way.”

Director of STaR-affiliated early childhood service

“Having the support of the STaR team and their resources/experience and knowledge to work with our educators is beyond valuable they take the time to work with any of our educators needing support to help and guide their growth and development making them better educators.”  

Director of STaR-affiliated early childhood service

“Our service has a high number of children with varying additional needs and the ongoing support that we receive from STaR ensures that we can meet the needs of each individual child, program for their needs and be as inclusive as possible in our practice.”

Parent of STaR Child

“STaR continued to help and support not only my child but my entire family many times throughout 2020. Employees of STaR went above and beyond anything I ever expected, we would not be where we are now without STaR and I will be forever grateful to have met these ladies”.

STaR Parent 2012-2014

“I remember crying all the way home after my first meeting with STaR. I felt like my helplessness and frustration was lifted, and a force of many was going to guide James and show us how to best help our beautiful boy.”

A message from STaR’s CEO, Margaret Meaker

Become a Supporter

Your donation can fund STaR to enrol, teach and include children with disabilities.

  • Provide professional workshops on how to include children with disabilities and other additional needs to early childhood educators in childcare, preschools, family day care.
  • Support children with varied and complex support needs in their educational settings (approximately 50 per year).
  • Train the staff in childcare centres so that they are able to maximise the participation of these children.
  • Support staff in the early years of school and out-of-school-hours care.
  • Make life easier for families living with disability.

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STaR Sponsorship

Government funding covers only one third of our expenses. Sponsor a child or a STaR centre to help meet the gap.

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