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Educating Educators

Professional development from STaR has given the staff the confidence to know what to do in terms of helping the development and education of children who may learn in a slightly different way.

Director of STaR-affiliated centre

Practical, effective courses for educators in childcare, preschools and family day care

I’m an early childhood educator. Why should I invest in professional development from STaR?

The key to effective, ongoing support for children with disabilities and other special learning needs in early childhood settings are you, the people who work with these children every day.

STaR Education courses aim to equip you with the knowledge, skills and attitudes you need to:

  • assess children’s development and participation
  • design and implement plans that promote further development and meaningful participation
  • work in partnership with parents of children with disabilities and with other professionals involved with the family.

What can I expect?

Face-to-face, interactive sessions delivered by our presenters who are highly qualified in their field and experienced in early childhood education. They enjoy sharing their expertise so that you can make immediate use of your new learning.

Our professional development courses:

  • cover a range of essential topics in early childhood intervention
  • focus on the ‘what, why and how’ and are suitable for educators in childcare, preschools and family day care.