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Course Presenters

STaR presenters are highly qualified in their field and experienced in early childhood education. They enjoy sharing their expertise so that educators can make immediate use of their new learning.

Dr Sarah Carlon

STaR Association, Sarah Carlon

Sarah has extensive experience educating adults in the area of special education. She has worked both as a university Lecturer delivering postgraduate special education courses and as a STaR Special Educator training and mentoring childcare educators to successfully include young children with disabilities in their services. She has also worked in a range of inclusive early childhood settings as an early childhood teacher and centre director. Sarah is passionate about translating the early childhood early intervention evidence into practice and supporting early childhood educators to extend their knowledge and skills in the area of special and inclusive education.

Early childhood educators are the key to successful inclusion. With the right support they can learn to effectively use evidence-based strategies to make a real difference to the lives of children and families within their early childhood settings.


  • Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education), Macquarie University
  • Master of Special Education, Macquarie University
  • PhD (Special Education), Macquarie University

Professional Affiliation

Megan Cooper

STaR Association, Megan Cooper

Megan has extensive experience teaching people with disabilities and is a highly skilled special educator. Her courses provide rich examples of issues that can arise and evidence-based strategies for educators to implement. She manages the implementation of the STaR Model across early education, schools and post-school settings. Megan’s approach is to coach and mentor staff to facilitate successful lifelong learning and inclusion for people with disabilities.

There is never a dull moment. I still get a thrill out of children reaching their individual objectives and the delight of their teachers and families when they do.


  • Bachelor of Science, Macquarie University
  • Bachelor of Teaching-Primary, University of New England
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Early Intervention, Macquarie University
  • Master of Special Education, Macquarie University

Professional Affiliation