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Early Childhood Inclusive Education Follow-up Session 4

Thank you for attending webinar 4:

Early childhood inclusion Step 3: Developing and Implementing Individual Learning Plans (ILPs)

We would love for you to join us in an interactive follow-up session where we take a deeper look at how you are making inclusion a part of your everyday practice. 

You also have access to a facilitated peer community where you can continue reflecting upon and discussing inclusive practices. To join this closed Facebook group, just follow the link below. 

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Follow-up session 4Developing and Implementing Individual Learning Plans (ILPs)

In this webinar, we guided you through the process of writing and implementing an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for a child with disability or developmental delay in your early childhood service. We discussed how to use observations and other data collected to write an ILP in collaboration with your colleagues, the child’s family, and other professionals. We also provided tips on working collaboratively to implement, monitor, review, and update the ILP. 

In this 30-45 minute follow-up session, we will reflect on the practicalities of developing and implementing ILPs within your early childhood service, including: 

  • How to best collaborate with other professionals;  
  • How to communicate to ensure that all team members are aware of the objectives and teaching strategies included in the ILP; and 
  • How to record that the ILP has been implemented daily and communicate ongoing progress to the child’s family. 

Please select your preferred session time below to register. 


Oct 24th


Oct 25th