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Minaa’s Story

When Minaa came to STaR at 4 years old, she was a delightful, social little girl who seemed physically frail and passive. A diagnosed Developmental delay, possible visual impairment and physical challenges may have limited her experience in playing with other children. Her parents knew Minaa needed support to assist not only their daughter’s development but also enable Minaa’s radiant personality to shine through.

Walking, without adult assistance is one of the many great outcomes Minaa has achieved in recent months. This has all been achievable with the steady support of ‘Team Minaa’ at her early learning centre, First Grammar Westleigh. Also on the team are STaR educator (Philippa), her speech therapist, physiotherapist and occupational therapist, all guided by her parents’ priorities. Working closely as a team, Minaa was given the independence to take steps with assistance provided to her only when needed.

Today, Minaa is still that delightful, social little girl but is now strong, robust and confident to learn new things. Minaa loves going to First Grammar three times a week where she happily plays with many other children. She is learning to take turns in games (her favourite interest), letter sounds, writing her name and using sentences to talk about pictures in books. These are some of the skills along with cutting and drawing Minaa is learning to get ready for school next year. Being the quick learner that she is, we think Minaa will shine bright at big school!

STaR Association Families, Minaa
STaR Association Families, Minaa