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Unit 8, 22 Hudson Avenue, Castle Hill NSW 2154

Early Childhood Inclusive Education Follow-up Session

Thank you for attending webinar 5

Transition to school for children with disabilities and additional needs. 

We would love for you to join us in an interactive follow-up session where we take a deeper look at how you are making inclusion a part of your everyday practice.

You also have access to a facilitated peer community where you can continue reflecting upon and discussing inclusive practices. To join this closed Facebook group, just follow the link below.

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Follow up session – Transition to school for children with disabilities and additional needs

In this webinar, we provided you with the research-based knowledge and skills needed to provide a successful transition to school for children with disabilities. We looked at a range of school options for children with disabilities and practical strategies for supporting the children, their families, and the receiving schools to be as well prepared as possible for this important milestone. 

In this 30-45 minute follow-up session, we will reflect on the role of early childhood educators in the transition process, including: 

  • What can we add to our daily program to support transition to school? 
  • How can we support families at this point in their journey? 
  • What are all the ways you can pass information to a receiving school?

Please select your preferred session time below to register. 


March 28th


March 29th


March 31st