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Unit 8, 22 Hudson Avenue, Castle Hill NSW 2154

Will’s Story

Will spent the first months of his life in an overseas orphanage, neglected and undernourished. Arriving at his new home in Australia at 16 months old, Will couldn’t crawl, play or grasp his mother Kathy’s finger. He was diagnosed with mild global developmental delay. Gradually his naturally cheeky and loving personality emerged, and he began to learn how to be a toddler – walking at 27 months and speaking his first words soon after. Although Will had other early intervention services, it was only once he started with STaR that he really began to shine.

By the time he left the STaR program Will was certainly walking and talking – and reading and writing. Those early years at STaR were invaluable in helping Will reach his potential and give him (and those around him) confidence in his abilities. In 2016, Will spoke beautifully at the MonSTaR Ball as a second-time guest speaker and received a standing ovation from over 400 inspired guests!

This young man completed his HSC in 2017. Working at a STaR affiliated childcare centre, under the guidance of its Director, Will loved his first job as centre assistant. The children enjoyed playing with Will and he loved reading them stories. He was learning every day from working with a team who supported each other and embraced difference.

The patience and stimulation provided by STaR educators and his family enabled Will to overcome his difficult start to life, helping him to take advantage of opportunities to reach his full potential.

From Mum

Our family was lucky to participate in the pilot program for STaR at the Meadowbank Multipurpose Learning Centre. Our son Will had global developmental delay and at one point we were not sure if he would ever walk or talk. Being part of the STaR program was incredibly beneficial for not only Will but for the whole family. We received amazing support and encouragement in all areas of his development. We went from being very stressed about his future to enrolling him in a mainstream primary school.

STaR Association Families, Will
Will with Harry Ball from the Sydney Swans at the 2007 MonSTaR Cup
MonSTaR Ball
Will presenting at the annual MonSTaR Ball, 2016