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Unit 8, 22 Hudson Avenue, Castle Hill NSW 2154

What we do

STaR enables children with disabilities and additional needs to make the best of their abilities. We do this by enrolling, teaching and including them in childcare centres in their communities. Since we started in 2002 with five children in one childcare centre, we have supported more than 400 children and their families across 27 childcare centres. We currently support 8 childcare centres in western and north-western Sydney so that they can successfully include young children with disabilities in their childcare programs.

STaR Association, Supporting Families

Supporting Children and Families

We believe every child has the right to attend their local childcare centre regardless of their ability. We assist our STaR families with information and practical support.

Our services provide:

  • help and support in enrolling children in our affiliated childcare centres
  • training and mentoring for childcare educators to teach and include children with disabilities and additional needs
  • specialist educator visits for children not enrolled in one of our centres
  • support for gifted children.
STaR Association, Educating the Educators

Educating Educators

We recognise the value of skilled and confident educators who are tuned into the needs of young children with disabilities and additional needs. We teach educators how to help these children gain the maximum benefit from mainstream early childhood services.

In STaR-affiliated childcare centres, training and mentoring educators in evidence-based strategies has always been an important part of our mission. In 2015 we opened our courses to the wider early childhood education community. In the first year 100% of participants said they would implement the strategies learned.

Build on your own skills as an educator with our professional development courses.

STaR Association, Research


Research shows that children with disabilities need playmates too. Being one of the kids helps children with disabilities to belong and communicate. Children without disabilities learn about tolerance and acceptance of difference.

STaR research into evidence-based educational practices and how to incorporate them into the everyday early childhood education program.

STaR Association, child services

STaR Funding

We assure STaR families of our support in their child’s childcare centre, regardless of whether they have NDIS funding or not.

STaR’s policies and procedures are available on request, and we are happy to provide these according to your language, cultural or other individual needs if required. STaR has bilingual staff and can also assist with arranging an interpreter.

Would you like to know more about how STaR can support your family?